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US Ireland Partnership for Growth

Welcome to the
US Ireland Partnership for Growth

Driving the growth of US and Irish corporations to promote shared economic opportunity


What is the US-Ireland Partnership for Growth?

The US-Ireland Partnership for Growth facilitates engagement between businesses with operations in both the United States and Ireland, and government leaders dedicated to promoting shared economic opportunity. The Partnership curates programs that help multinational corporations remove barriers to growth and fuel a symbiotic economic relationship between the United States and Ireland.

Amid an increasingly complex global economic and political landscape, the Partnership recognizes Ireland as a critical economic partner for the United States and its most reliable gateway to the European Union.

Through policy driven advocacy and programs, the Partnership is committed to building on decades of progress to expand economic opportunity in both countries.

Founding Board

Ben English_png_edited_edited.jpg

Ben English


Exec. Director & Board Member

Reilly O'Connor_png_edited_edited_edited

Reilly O'Connor

Lincoln Park Group

Board Member

Eric Silva_png_edited.jpg

Eric Silva

North South Gov. Strategies

Board Member

Advisory Board


Tom Rooney


Fmr. Member of Congress


Dawne Hickton


Critical Mission Solutions

Enda Kenny_edited_edited.png

Enda Kenny

Fmr. Prime Minister


Patrick Murphy


Fmr. Member of Congress


Amanda Slater

Head of Gov. Policy


Timothy Curry _edited_edited.jpg

Timothy Curry

E.V.P, Global Affairs

Stryk Global Diplomacy

Lucinda Creighton_edited_edited.jpg

Lucinda Creighton


Vulcan Consulting


Ian Hyland


Ireland INC


Our Vision

Our Vision - Growth through Meitheal

Meitheal is an Irish term that reflects ‘a collective effort for the greater good of the community’. The US-Ireland Partnership for Growth’s vision is centered on harnessing this potential to accelerate economic growth across both countries. This vision is underpinned by the Partnerships’ core activities:


We convene programs to support deeper relationships between leaders in government and business in both the United States and Ireland. Our platforms include cross bilateral/cross industry events and legislative programming to support shared priorities.


Collaborate: We work with industry and government leaders to amplify key issues and opportunities to accelerate economic growth both in the United States and Ireland.


Influence: We use the collective weight of our membership to influence how decisions are made between principals in government and business. By bringing decision makers together, a deeper understanding of how to achieve success on both sides of the Atlantic is realized.

Our Vision


The US-Ireland Partnership for Growth is delighted to have a growing membership and partner base who share the Partnership’s commitment to driving economic growth in both Ireland and the US.

For more information on membership please contact us

Founding Members


Strategic Partners

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University Partners


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